Motivation Monday: Personal Life Struggles in Flower Mound


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We as a human race love programs.  Meaning we operate best when we have a schedule, a regimen, a routine, a plan of attack.  We love to get set in our ways.  These are called habits.  We have good habits and bad habits.  We work our entire lives working to get rid of our bad habits.  Top Flower Mound chiropractor Tory Schoonmaker wants to help you work on your good habits and getting rid of your bad habits.

Our good habits might include, eating better, exercise daily, read positive uplifting things, positive attitude, being a true friend, putting God first, daily scripture study, saying I love you to your loved ones, loving those who are not very nice, or just loving in general.  These are just a few of the good habits we are trying to master.  Unfortunately, habits are easily disrupted.  I don’t like to say habits are broken, rather that we are still working on becoming efficient in that area of our personal growth.


However, all of us fall short of our ideals most of the time.  This does not mean that you should give up or that you should be depressed about the last failure.  This just means you are a human and not an alien.  Congrats you are normal.  Everyone falls short, everyone needs help, and everyone is pretty much in the same boat.

Once we understand that then we develop empathy towards others and empathy towards yourself.  This does not mean it is okay to just give up because I know I am going to fail.  On the contrary, you are now one step closer to becoming perfect in that area of your life.  At this point you can help others struggling with the step you just took, and you can become a beacon of light for someone else.

Motivation Monday is all about personal life struggles.  Today make a goal to get back on the wagon with 1 area of your life.  Whether that is no more smoking, less sugar in your diet, or calling a friend up that you said mean things to and let them know you are sorry.  Get out there and make your life a great one.  Get out there and lift someone else that is having a hard time.  Get out there and start a new habit.  Get out there and be strong today!

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