Work Out Wednesday: Muscle Knots in Flower Mound


Chiropractic Flower Mound TX Muscle Knots

Muscle knots?  What are they?  How can I get rid of them?  How can I prevent them from coming back?

Top Flower Mound Chiropractor Tory Schoonmaker explains how muscle knots are muscle fibers that are not sliding and gliding like healthy muscles are supposed to.  The fibers get bunched up and they become inflamed.  This creates what we call a muscle knot or trigger point.  They are typically formed when muscles are not properly conditioned to handle the workload.

Tips to Prevent Muscle Knots in Flower Mound

There are several ways to prevent muscle knots, one way to prevent muscle knots is to warm up your muscles before working them.  Following the work out, a good stretch program to elongate the muscle strands to keep them long and lean.  This will prevent the knots from forming and it is a much better regimen to creating healthy muscle tissue.

If you have these pesky little annoying creatures, then this paragraph is for you.  There are several ways to combat muscle knots such as: foam rolling, massage, trigger point therapy, Rolfing, etc.  Today I would like to cover just one of these topics, foam rolling.  Whether your knots are in your shoulder, back, legs, or chest; foam rolling is a simple and effective method to combat this problem.

Foam rolling uses your body weight to flatten and break apart said muscle knots.  There are several great videos online for demonstration purposes.  Foam rolls come in many types, shape, sizes, and densities.   The more aggressive foam rolls have the little bumps on them.  For most people this is to aggressive though.  My recommendation is the less dense (or softer) plain foam roller.  They are cheaper and are very effective.  They are less aggressive but for most of my patients in Flower Mound it is the best place to start.  If you buy the more aggressive one and it proves too painful to use, then you will never use it.  I have 6 children, 5 boys and 1 girl.  All my children run.  The coaches at my kids school rarely do warmups and post work out stretches.  The foam roller is an essential tool in my arsenal to help these young muscles stay healthy and I highly recommend adding it to your own workout regimen.

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